The Unique Cock and Lion


The Cock and Lion is on Wigmore Street just two minutes walk from the world famous Oxford Strret. Yet as soon as you enter its premises the first thing you notice is the ambience - something money can't buy. The warm and inviting atmosphere is so apparent that you cannot help but grin on entering - a "must" for anybody from the local, to the business associate to family diners.

Our premises are fully air-conditioned. The Cock and Lion has a ground floor bar and a function room with a bar upstairs. We have three large TV's with Sky sports. We Cater For Business Lunches, Parties and Special Occasions. Our extensive menu's offers something for everyone, all day, seven days a week. we are very dog friendly.

There is only one Cock and Lion in the whole of the United Kingdom

We are also uniquely situated on one of Londons most historic sites. This area was settled in Roman times and the corner of Wigmore Street and Marylebone lane beside the old River Tyburn. The river flows south from Hampstead through Marylebone and crosses Oxford Street near the bottom of Marylebone Lane, on it’s way down to the Thames. At the point where the river crosses Oxford Street was the village of Tyburn notorious from the 14th to 17th century for it’s connection with gallows. Boswell and Dr. Johnson would have visited this area as we know from their writing. Many infamous heads have rolled at these gallows including highwaymen, common miscreants and thieves, courtiers and clergy.

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